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Green Tea Chiffon Cake

Egg Yolk 2 pcs
Sugar 100g
Salad Oil 30g
Green Tea Powder
Water 20g
Cake Flour 100g
Corn Flour 10g
Egg White 5pcs (~180 – 200g)

4D Hotair
Preparation Method:
1) Use the kitchen machine to blend the egg yolks and sugar until completely dissolved. Add in salad oil and mix well.
2) Add in green tea powder and water and mix well. Add in flour and mix well.
3) Beat egg whites until foamy. Add in 80g sugar until smooth and stiff.
4) Fold in 1/3 of egg whites into the egg yolk batter. Quickly blend in the rest of the egg whites.
5) Preheat oven at 175℃, bake with hot air mode for 30 minutes.

For pandan chiffon cake, cook chopped fresh pandan leaves with 60g water. Blend well with MUZ5MX1 ThermoSafe glass blender.
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