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Homemade pasta (portion: 8 servings)


Plain flour 200g
Egg 2pcs
Salt to taste


1) Use the kitchen machine to mix all ingredients.
2) Use the kneading hook to knead until soft and cover with saran wrap.
3) Transfer the dough to a surface dusted with flour after 30 mins. Roll to ½ cm thickness.
4) Set the pasta accessory to xxx and put the dough through it couple times. Adjust the thickness of the accessory and put the dough though it again. Repeat the above steps until preferred thickness.
5) You can shape the pasta or cook it with salted boiling water. Or, air dry it on a rack.

Use Profi-pasta accessories* MUZ 8NV1、MUZ 8NV2 or MUZ 8NV3 to make different kinds of pasta.

* Use with MUZ 8AD1adapter.
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