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Jelly with Winter Melon, Lotus Leave and Lotus Seeds

250g Winter Melon
20g Wolf Berry
1 Lotus Leave (soaked and softened)
10 Fresh Lotus Seeds (core removed)
20g Raw Coix Seed
1 Dried Citrus Peel (soaked and remove pith)
13 Candied Winter Melon
700ml Hot Water
17g Gelatin Leaves

Preparation Method:
1. Dice the winter melon with skin. Soak the gelatin and pat dry. Set aside.
2. Place all ingredients (except for the gelatin) into the slow cooker (put the wolf berry, coix seed and lotus seed in a tea bag). Cook for 2 hours.
3. Mix gelatin with filtered juice (480ml), wolfberry, coix seed and lotus seeds. Stir until dissolved and let cool.
4. Pour into a plastic mold and refrigerate for one night until set.
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