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Make washing and drying easier

Make washing easier

Every garment is different so we have a whole range of different care programmes and features to help you get the best results.

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Cottons programme


An intensive programme with a temperature range up to 90°C and a fast final spin.
Sportswear washing programme


A programme for modern sports clothes with sportswear microfibre technology like those used for gym, cycling or jogging.
Easy Care

Easy Care

For synthetic fabrics, which absorb minimal moisture and dirt. A range of temperatures up to 60°C and a gentle spin from 800rpm to 1200rpm ensures maximum care of all your laundry.
Mixed Load

Mixed Load

A fast wash that allows mixed fabrics and colour loads to be safely washed together. Originally designed with school uniforms in mind, it is capable of handling up to 3kg of washing and is ideal for quick washes.
Delicates and Silk

Delicates / Silk

An especially caring programme with a gentle wash action. Intermediate spinning in the rinse cycle is omitted, and a gentle final spin at 600rpm completes this delicate programme.


An exceptionally gentle woollens handwash programme, which runs at only 27rpm (usual speed 50rpm) with a soft wash action and special spin phase that ensures everything stays in good shape.
Dark wash washing programme

Dark wash

Designed specifically for dark clothes, and available across a range of temperatures, this programme reduces fading, and ensures no flecks of washing powder remain on your clothes at the end of the wash.


By prolonging the maximum wash temperature, increasing the water level, and adding an extra rinse, this programme reduces exposure to allergens that irritate sensitive skin.

Super Quick 15

A short programme of approximately 15 minutes for 2kg of lightly soiled washing - that's roughly equivalent to one outfit or 10 men's shirts. Packing in a wash, two rinse cycles and improved rinse spinning.

Reduced ironing

The laundry is tumbled gently periodically during the normal spin cycle, and again at the end of the spin phase, keeping laundry fluffy and tangle free. The result is reduced creasing, and therefore easier ironing.


We appreciate that sometimes items are particularly dirty, which is why we have included a Prewash option on our Cottons and Easy Care programmes.

Night wash

Designed to be quiet running for night use. Based on 4kg mixed load programme with an 800rpm final spin and using gentle dry mode.
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