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Steamed Coconut with Milk and Maca

Coconut 4pcs
Coconut Water 320ml
Milk 240ml
Egg White 320 g
Sugar 60g
Maca Powder 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Maca Powder for garnish


Preparation Method:
1. Use a knife to remove the top part of the coconut to make it flat. Follow the pattern at the bottom of the coconut and use a knife to make incisions. Remove as a lid for the coconut.
2. Pour and retain the coconut water (Run through a sift to remove the bits from the coconut).
3. Add milk, maca powder and sugar into a small pot. Cook until the sugar is dissolved and let cool.
4. Stir and mix the egg white. Add coconut water.
5. Add maca and milk mixture. Run through a sift.
6. Pour the egg white mixture into the coconut and place the coconut lid on top. Wrap with foil paper and set the coconut in the bowl.
7. Place into a steam oven and steam at 100℃ for 1 hour. Remove and sprinkle some maca powder on top before serving.

Tips: Coconuts vary in size. Cooking time should be adjusted accordingly. Suggest to use a heavy knife to open the coconut. Wrap the coconut with a towel and secure the position. This makes it easier to open the coconut with a knife.
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