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Terms and conditions of purchase

The purchaser of the items described herein shall purchase the said items from BSH Home Appliances Limited (hereinafter referred to as "BSH") on the following terms and conditions:-

  1. Placement, Acknowledgment and Confirmation of Purchase Order
    1. the purchaser by placing / confirming this order agrees that the terms and conditions contained herein shall apply and be binding on the parties hereto; and
    2. the purchaser shall be bound by the terms and conditions of this order only if :-
      1. this order shall be properly completed and delivered to BSH; and
      2. an acknowledgement and subsequent confirmation of this order shall have been delivered to and received by the purchaser.
  2. Changes to Purchase Order
    1. the purchaser shall be at liberty to make changes to this order, provided that the said changes shall have been delivered to and received by BSH;
    2. BSH shall use all reasonable endeavours to comply with the said changes; and
    3. BSH shall, in the event that the said changes could not reasonably be complied with, inform the purchaser immediately and the parties hereto shall then enter into discussions in good faith for the purpose of resolving any outstanding issue to the mutual satisfaction of the parties hereto.
  3. Delivery
    1. BSH shall contact the purchaser for delivery arrangements and the purchaser shall avail himself to receive delivery in accordance with the agreed delivery schedule;
    2. delivery shall be effected by BSH according to the quantities, within the agreed delivery schedule and at the prescribed costs.
      Please refer to our Delivery Information for further details; and
    3. in the event that delivery shall not be effected according to the quantities referred to in this order and or within the agreed delivery schedule, the purchaser may in his absolute discretion either cancel this order without liability to BSH or extend the time for delivery without prejudice to the rights and or remedies which the purchaser may have at law and under this order against the vendor for non-delivery and or for any other damage and or loss incurred by the purchaser.
      For the purposes of clarification and or avoidance of doubt, the purchaser accepts that delivery times shall be estimates only, that no claim shall be lodged against BSH for late delivery and that cancellation of this order shall not be permitted by reason only of late delivery.
    4. If customers need the following additional delivery service, the additional charges are payable to logistic staff directly at the time of delivery.

      Service ItemsCharge
      If the delivery location does not have an elevator or the elevator is not readily accessible, additional delivery charges incurs. Delivery charge based on no. of storey (16 steps of stair are counted as one storey)
      New product delivery / Old appliances disposalper storeyHK$20
      Side by side refrigeratorper storeyHK$100
      Lift up and drop down of washing machine to the installation place (cannot install directly on the floor) OR Lift over obstacles such as toilet basin and cabinets for more than 10 inches height from the floor/eachHK$120
      Additional disposal charge will be incurred if rearrangement of disposal occurred by omission of disposal service on order placement or unable to immediate dispose during the deliveryHK$100
      Disposal service of ALL side by side refrigeratorHK$300
      Refrigerator door removalHK$150

      All cables, hoses or obstacles should be removed by customers before the disposal service
  4. Invoice
    1. BSH shall upon completion of delivery issue a digital invoice for the items purchased to be delivered by electronic mail to the purchaser; and
    2. the said invoice shall serve as a warranty by BSH that the items described in the same have been delivered to the purchaser.
  5. Transfer of Risks and Title
    The purchaser agrees that risks and title to the items shall be transferred to the purchaser upon delivery by BSH and receipt by the purchaser.
  6. Cancellation and Return
    BSH accepts that the purchaser may request for cancellation of this order or to return the items purchased.
    Please refer to our Cancellation and Return Policies for further information.
  7. Warranties
    1. BSH, by the acceptance of this order and delivering the items purchased, hereby warrants that the items delivered shall be free from defects in material and or workmanship for a continuous period of twenty-four (24) months;
    2. BSH warrants that the sale and delivery of the items in this order shall comply in all respects with the laws of Hong Kong having full force and effect at the material time; and
    3. BSH makes no warranty that its online purchase site shall be free from bugs and available at all times.
      BSH shall make all reasonable efforts to procure the availability of the said site without inherent defects to the extent possible.
  8. Other Miscellaneous Terms
    BSH may, from time to time and through its authorised agents, offer product demonstration services.
    Please contact us for further information.
  9. Applicable Laws
    The abovementioned terms and conditions shall be governed by the applicable laws of Hong Kong.


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