Pineapple Buns


Bread flour 400g Custard powder 12g Butter 40g
Sugar 80g Yeast 8g Milk 100g
Milk powder 12g Egg 1 pc Water 100g
Vegetable shortening 110g Milk powder 20g Eggs 8g
Flour 200g Soda powder 1g Evaporated milk 8g
Sugar 90g Edible ammonia powder 1g



1) Use the kitchen machine to blend the flour, sugar, milk powder, custard powder and yeast at speed 1. for approximately 25 minutes.

2) Add in egg, milk and water and mix at speed 1. Knead the dough at speed 3 for 25 minutes. Knead until shinny and elastic.

3) Let rise until 2 times bigger.

4) Release air in dough, form into round shape and let rise until 2 times bigger.


1) Use the kitchen machine to blend the flour, sugar, milk powder, soda powder and edible ammonia powder at speed 1.

2) Add in vegetable shortening, egg and evaporated milk. Mix well at speed 3.

3) Divided into same portions quantity with the bread dough.

4) Press the crust evenly and place onto the bread dough. Brush on egg yolk mixture and bake for 20 minutes at 180℃.


Measure small amounts of soda powder and edible ammonia powder with a measuring spoon instead of using an electronic scale.

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