Purple sweet potato mooncake


Purple sweet potato filling: Mooncake dough:
90g purple sweet potato 125g low protein flour (sieved)
20g icing sugar 10g custard powder (sieved)
16g unsalted butter 35g sugar
12g milk 10g egg
10g wheat flour 60g unsalted butter (room temperature)
12g whipping cream 10g whipping cream
2 duck egg yolks Some egg wash
Some Lyle's Golden syrup (steam at 100℃ until melted)


1. Steam the duck egg yolks in a 100℃ steam oven for 10 minutes. Chill the duck egg yolks in fridge until cool and cut each of it into 4 portions.

2. Peel the purple sweet potato and dice into small cubes. Steam in a 100℃ steam oven for 20 minutes until cooked.

3. While the purple sweet potato is still warm, add icing sugar, unsalted butter, milk, wheat flour and whipping cream, mix well with Bosch hand blender. Pan-fry the purple sweet potato paste at a low heat until it turns into dark purple color, chill in fridge.

4. Divide the purple sweet potato paste into 8 portions. Shape each portion into a small ball and flatten. Place the 1/4 duck egg yolk in the middle. Wrap the purple sweet potato paste until it fully covers the egg yolk. Set aside.

5. Put the unsalted butter into Bosch food processer and blend at speed 3 until soft. Add sugar, eggs, low protein flour and custard power - one after another - and mix well evert time. Continue kneading the dough at speed 1 until pliable.

6. Divide the dough into 8 portions. Warp and seal the purple sweet potato paste ball with the dough disc. Place the stuffed mooncake into the mooncake mould. Lightly press the mould handle, then remove the mooncake from the mould. Transfer the mooncakes onto a large baking tray and place in fridge until the dough hardens a bit.

7. Preheat the oven to 250℃. Place mooncakes at the bottom rack and bake for 2 minutes. Transfer the mooncakes to the middle rack and bake for another 4 minutes. Remove the mooncakes from the oven. Brush a thin layer of egg wash on the top surface of the mooncakes, and repeat. Place mooncakes back to the middle rack and bake for 3 minutes at 220℃. Remove the mooncakes from the oven and brush a thin layer of Lyle’s Golden syrup. Continue baking until the pastry turns golden brown. Serve.

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