Seafood Fukubukuro


Yuba (bean curd sheet) 5 pcs Green peas 2 tbsp
Shrimp 6 pcs Garlic (mashed) 2 tsp
Chicken fillet 1 pc Spring Onion Some
Scallop 5 pcs Cooking oil 1 tbsp


XO chili sauce 1 tbsp Water Some
Oyster sauce 1 tbsp Cornstarch (mixed with water) Some
Sesame oil 1 tsp

Thick Sauce

Chicken broth Some Wolfberries 1 tsp
Cornstarch (mixed with water) Some


1. Dice the shrimps, chicken fillet and scallops.

2. Blanch the spring onion. Put in cold water and set aside.

3. Cut half the Yuba (bean curd sheets).

4. Heat up the pan with medium heat. Add in cooking oil. Firstly fry the chicken fillet, green peas and mashed garlic. Add in shrimps, scallops, XO chilli sauce and oyster sauce to stir-fry. Finally pour in water and cornstarch water. Stir-fry until sauce is thickened and absorbed. Add in sesame oil.

5. Wrap the stuffing from Step 4 inside Yuba. Finish the wrap by tying with spring onion. Place the Fukubukuro into steam oven. Steam for about 5 minutes.

6. Thick sauce: Cook slightly the chicken broth with wolfberries. Add in cornstarch water to thicken the sauce. Pour the sauce over the Fukubukuro. Enjoy!

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