Dishwasher Error Codes

Dishwasher Error E18

A) Supply hose kinked - Ensure that the supply hose is installed without kinks.

B) Filters in the water connection of the supply or AquaStop hose blocked. - Clean the filters in the water supply hose. Attention: AquaStop safety device contains an electric valve, do not immerse in water.


1. Turn the tap off.

2. Take the hose off the tap.

3. Clean the filters using a small brush.

4. In the case of appliances without an AquaStop, also remove the hose from the back of the appliance. Take out the filter with pliers and clean it.

5. Reconnect the hose and check it for leaks.

C) Tap jammed or limescaled ― as a result water pressure is too low - Check the water pressure directly on the tap using a bucket. Approximately 10 litres of water per minute must flow out of the fully opened tap. Contact your fitter if the water pressure is too low.

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