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Additional delivery service charges

If customers need the following additional delivery service, the additional charges are payable to logistic staff directly at the time of delivery. Thank you.

Service ItemsCharge
If the delivery location does not have an elevator or the elevator is not readily accessible, additional delivery charges incurs. Delivery charge based on no. of storey (16 steps of stair are counted as one storey)
New product delivery / Old appliances disposalper storeyHK$20
Side by side refrigeratorper storeyHK$100
Lift up and drop down of washing machine to the installation place (cannot install directly on the floor) OR Lift over obstacles such as toilet basin and cabinets for more than 10 inches height from the floor/eachHK$120
Additional disposal charge will be incurred if rearrangement of disposal occurred by omission of disposal service on order placement or unable to immediate dispose during the deliveryHK$100
Disposal service of ALL side by side refrigeratorHK$300
Refrigerator door removalHK$150

All cables, hoses or obstacles should be removed by customers before the disposal service

1st June 2016

Terms and conditions applied. BSH Home Appliances Limited reserves the final rights to revise the terms and conditions herein without prior notice.


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