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EU Energy Label

The new EU Energy Label - maximising energy savings for all
Energy Label

The new EU Energy Label - maximising energy savings for all

In September 2014, EU introduced an energy label in line with the new regulation to keep all vacuum cleaners within 1600 watts of power. With this initiative, Europe's 210 million households can save as much energy as that which is produced by 2 coal-fired power plants over a year!

Bosch welcomes this by leading the charge among top European brands to continually innovate for highly energy-efficient and best-performing vacuum cleaners.

This ensures that even as we help you save on utility bills with low energy consumption, you can expect optimum cleaning performance from Bosch vacuum cleaners, always!


How the Energy Label helps you.


The new energy label provides important information that will help you select the right vacuum cleaner that may best suit your cleaning needs.

Name and brand of the vendor

Model number

Decreasing input power is main lever for a good energy efficiency rating.

Calculated for an average household (87sqm/frequency of 50 times/year).

Communicates the noise level of the vacuum cleaner in dB(A).

Describes the dust pick-up from a standardized test carpet.

Shows how clean the exhaust air is.

Describes the dust pick-up from a standardized test carpet.

Energy Efficient Rating

Find out how energy-efficient it is.

At the top right, the black tab indicates the vacuum cleaner's energy efficiency rating. An "A" rating represents the highest energy efficiency, but may not always equate the best cleaning performance.

This is why it's important to consider other performance factors within the Energy Label when identifying the right vacuum cleaner for your needs.

Bosch vacuums are not only highly energy-efficient but also receive top ratings in overall cleaning performance, providing highest quality standards and thorough care for every household's hygiene and peace of mind.

Sound Level

Because the sound level matters.

This indicator shows the level of noise when the vacuum cleaner is in operation. A sound power level of 70 dB(A) or below is recommended for a pleasant cleaning experience. Just a few decibels can make a great difference between unbearable noise and pleasant undertones!

Bosch's ProSilence range of vacuum cleaners range between 59 dB(A) to 69 dB(A), offering consumers a peace of mind with powerful yet quiet operation so that one may still conduct a conversation or hear the baby when cleaning.


Identify the best cleaning performance for your needs.

Carpet Cleaning Rating

Effective cleaning on Carpets
This indicator illustrates how well the vacuum cleaner eliminates dirt from your carpets. A rating of "A to C" represents best performance in this class, where dirt is effectively removed from the depths of your carpet.

Powerful dust pick-up is also key in cleaning carpets as it determines the speed and effectiveness at which dirt is removed, and also helps reduce allergies for a cleaner, healthier home.

Hard Floors Cleaning Rating

Thorough cleaning on Hard Floors
This indicator shows how well the vacuum cleaner performs on hard floors. A rating of "A to C" represents best performance in this class, where dust is reliably removed even from tile joints or crevices.

Bosch vacuums are equipped with cutting-edge design and technology that harnesses maximum airflow for powerful dust pick-up and elimination on all floors. Our technology is leading the charge on fast, thorough and effective cleaning that earns our vacuum cleaners top-of-class performance among known European contenders.


Consider its Dust Re-emission for healthier cleaning

Dust Re-emission Rating

This indicator describes the exhaust air emitted by the vacuum cleaner while in operation. If there are allergy-sufferers in your home, it's recommended to look for an "A" rating in this category as well as a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration.

Bosch understands the importance of clean exhaust air. Our vacuums are fitted with advanced airflow and filtration systems to maintain healthy and hygienic standards while thoroughly cleaning your home.

Evaluate performance criteria

Evaluate all performance criteria.

Be sure to evaluate all criteria when choosing the right product for your needs. A good appliance should not only help you save energy but also have excellent cleaning performance!

The energy label clearly identifies and helps you understand key factors to make the best product choice, and keeps manufacturers in tow to constantly innovate in line with your best interests.


Quattro Power:
Outperforming the best tested vacuum cleaners with low energy consumption.

Bosch's high-performance Quattropower system is based on a sophisticated design that delivers powerful cleaning at a fraction of average energy consumption. With less energy, you can still enjoy superior cleaning performance, every time!

Vacuum Cleaner Features
Quattro Power SystemQuattro Power Chart

1 Optimized Air Seals
All components are effectively fitted to enable powerful airflow and minimum air leakage, enhancing cleaning performance and clean exhaust air.

2 High Performance Nozzle
The newly-designed SilentClean Premium nozzle is one of the quietest and most powerful floor nozzles on the market. Its broadened suction channel, superior airflow technology and flexible joint enable permanent floor contact, thorough dust pick-up and effective cleaning on all floors.

3 High Performance Dust Separation
Guarantees optimal airflow that effectively separates and filters dust particles for thorough cleaning and cleaner air. For bagless vacuum cleaners, this also minimizes the maintenance effort of downstream filters and prevents loss of performance after frequent use.

4 HiSpin Motor
Aerodynamic blower blades for reduced air resistance and faster airflow, multiplying the dust pick-up performance compared with just high suction power.

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