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Bosch home appliances have been making everyday life a bit easier for many decades. They make sure that our housework gets finished faster and improve our quality of life. Let's go back together to the beginnings of our story.

Sustainable production

We take responsibility for the environment by manufacturing our home appliances with particular care for resources.

Awards for Bosch home appliances

For us, the excellent performance of our products in independent tests gives you a valuable reassurance for our genuinely quality driven approach. For you, it's the relaxing certainty of making the perfect choice with Bosch.

Our brochures contain all the product and feature information you need to select your next Bosch home appliance.

Perfection you have to see to believe

Discover the premium quality, technology and easy-to-use appliances from us at Bosch Galleria.

Bosch Concept Counter

Discover the premium quality, technology and easy-to-use appliances from Bosch at our Concept Counters located at easily assessable retail stores.

Product and Cooking Demonstration

Touch, feel and test use Bosch appliances to be convinced! Join us in an exciting line-up of demonstration events to learn more about the appliances.


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Our service

Outstanding service – before and after the purchase.

Service Hours: Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 18:00 Except Sunday and Public Holidays

Telephone: 2626 9655 (Hong Kong) / 0800 863 (Macau local call only)

Experience Bosch

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