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Ready for a new kitchen style in no time?

Nowadays your interior style is also an expression of your personality and freedom to live life the way you want to. Especially your kitchen: Just change the style and colour of it when you want to. We show you how: Within just a few simple steps you can change the whole style of your kitchen again and again. And thanks to the Bosch Vario Style fridge freezer with exchangeable door fronts you now even can change the colour of your fridge anytime you want and make it the colourful highlight in your kitchen.

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Out of the blue

If your idea of bliss is a weekend spent at the seaside, consider bringing that natural vibe into your kitchen with the colour blue. Start with the Vario Style colour door front in aqua and give your colourful fridge a fresh breeze. Accessories like chairs in deep aqua tones, pictures of the seaside or photography and souvenirs of your last holiday on the beach create an even stronger ocean feeling. Start now restyling your kitchen and you won’t have to go surfing to feel the rhythm of the waves.

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Back to black

Is matte finish The ‘New Black’? Among car designers and stylists, matte is becoming the new black. The not-so-shiny satin finish (usually in black) popularized by luxury car brands is going mainstream and upscale. While black always has been the colour of stylish rock musicians, it’s now the latest colour for elegant and cool interior. We recommend to bring a more stylish vibe and a deep rhythm into your colourful kitchen starting with your Vario Style fridge: Change its colour into deep black and be more stylish than ever. Complete the look with an elegant black chair and bring some dark magic with black lamps into your kitchen. And who says that your guitar or records, can’t be decorative items and will bring the rock into your kitchen as well?

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The red carpet for your travelling memories

Wonderfully delicious in and out! Add an extra fresh and warm touch into your colourful kitchen. The new “Vario Style” sleek red fridge is a contemporary contrast to every kitchen style. With the Bosch cherry red fridge you can add easily an extra fresh touch in your kitchen. By adding oriental souvenirs in a powerful red and selected exotic pictures you create an extravagant atmosphere which brings you back to your favourite holiday destinations. Start now decorating your room with individual souvenirs and times of travel bug are over.

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Everything's coming up roses

Put on your rose-coloured glasses: the colour pink gives your colourful kitchen a great room climate, so your guests will feel even more cosy and comfortable at your next get together. Start with your fridge and the Vario Style door front in light rose. Inject pops of sorbet hues with chairs, a modern lamp and kitchen accessories. The composition of light coloured pastel pictures and a beautiful bunch of rose flowers on your kitchen table invites your friends even more to stay, because it’s getting so cosy. Start now with your pastel-toned look and soon you’ll be having romantic dinners every night.

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Settle back with shades of champagne

Champagne complements practically every style. The colour champagne is a name given for various very pale tints of yellowish-orange that are close to beige. The colour's name is derived from the typical colour of the beverage Champagne and it adds a sleek and modern look to every kitchen. Add cosy champagne to your Vario Style fridge with exchangeable door fronts and complete this homely look with blankets, crockery and furniture in creamy tones of beige – within just a few minutes welcome yourself on the lighter side of life and create an atmosphere in your kitchen, where you can relax and lean back with a beautiful book and a cup of coffee.

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Get your kitchen colourful with your Vario Style fridge

With Vario Style exchangeable fridge door fronts, Bosch now has the perfect solution for you to express your personality, your style and your mood in a colourful kitchen – with the help of a high variety of tones. And it is so easy to exchange the colour fronts of the doors in 3 simple steps, that you can change the fridge door fronts even depending on your mood, an occasion such as Christmas or Valentine’s day, the season or your partner’s favourite colour. And don’t worry when you’re in the mood for a vibrant and seasonal colour – with Bosch Vario Style you have the freedom of choosing another colour for your fridge anytime you want, while your fridge stays the same.

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