Our best appliances for a calm and comfortable home.

The quiet way to do your laundry.

Running your washing machine late at night can not only interfere with your sleep, you also run the risk of annoying your neighbors. Our washing machines with EcoSilence Drive allow you to do your laundry at any time without disturbing anyone. The special brushless motor reduces friction noise, resulting in a smoother, exceptionally quiet cycle. What’s more, the spiral AntiVibration sidewalls reduce vibrations and increase stability. Regardless of when you start your washing machine, you and your neighbors won’t hear a thing!

To the washing machines with EcoSilence Drive

For all who don´t want to hear anything about dishwashing.

Whether you want to finish a good book or enjoy a relaxed meal with your loved ones, there are times when you don’t want to be disturbed by anything. Optimized down to the last decibel, our dishwashers with the SuperSilence Plus feature are extremely quiet– so much so that you’ll hardly notice that the machine is on. In fact, they’re so quiet that we have added an extra light to let you know when a cycle is running.

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Eliminate odors and stress from the kitchen in one go.

We want you to enjoy your time in the kitchen with all your senses. To ensure you can cook in peace, we have developed powerful cooker hoods with the EcoSilence Drive. The special brushless motor provides effective ventilation and yet can barely be heard in the kitchen. This means you can relax and focus on the important things: your meal and your guests.

To the cooker hoods with EcoSilence Drive

Incredibly powerful, yet incredibly quiet.

Until now, it simply wasn’t possible to listen to music, watch TV, or make a phone call with the vacuum cleaner on in the background. Our vacuum cleaner is incredibly quiet, yet doesn’t compromise on cleaning performance. Thanks to the innovative SilenceSound system, the ProSilence 59 produces a mere 59 dB. With the new high-performance nozzle, you also benefit from cleaning results like no other. Now you can get the peace and quiet you deserve, even while cleaning!

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