List of Installation Charges

Washing machine, washer-dryer and dishwasher

Installation Details Installation Charge (HK$)
Standard installation (material + labour) includes
  • Attach up-to-5-foot-long section of ½"diameter standard copper pipe including elbow to the water inlet (each elbow equals 1 foot pipe) (detach existing hoses/pipes not included)
  • Attach up-to-5-foot-long section of 1¼"~1½"diameter PVC pipe including elbow to the water outlet drainage (each elbow equals 1 foot pipe) (detach existing hoses/ pipes not included)
  • Replace a non-function water tap if necessary
  • Connect electricity supply (must indicate Direct-wire Connection at time of order placement)
  • Run test a wash cycle and go through basic panel operation
  • Materials not used in the installation are not included

Replace a normal-function water tap on request $100
Extend ½"diameter standard copper pipe or additional elbow $25/foot
Extend 1¼"~1½"diameter PVC pipe or additional elbow $20/foot
Attach a T-Joint to copper pipes or PVC pipes $80
Detach or adjust existing hoses/ pipes (up to 10 foot) $60
Replace a waste trap $100
Drill a 2½" diameter hole through kitchen cabinet/ partition $50
Drill a 2½" diameter hole on solid surface countertop up to 1" thick (No service on marble surface) (uneven edge around the finished hole expected) $150
Replace a 13A/15A wall socket (in compliance with prevailing applicable regulations) $100
Connect or disconnect direct wire through electrical supply wall outlet on request $100
Connect water pressure regulator (Hydraulic pressure up to 10 bar/ 142 psi) $450
Detach and re-attach washer top cover and/or front door $150

1) Service not covered:

- Pipe installation or modification for pipe inside the wall, underground, pass through the wall, outside of house, unable to make direct contact or not enough space to perform service.

- Iron cast pipe removal or modification / or repair to damaged drain outlet or blockage to drain outlet.

- Electrical mains switch, socket, fuse or wiring extension.

- Move out the old machine to outdoor lobby.

- Installation services on movable objects or at locations including boat, yacht or vehicles, etc.

- Service not specifically mentioned in the Sales and installation services and list of installation charges.

2) Technician appointed by BSH Home Appliances Limited reserves all rights in the handling of such un-used materials.

3) All installation materials mentioned in the standard installation package should be used or offered if applicable.

4) This price list is for reference purpose only. Price will be quoted separately under special circumstances. BSH Home Appliances Limited reserves the right to alter any charges without notice.

5) BSH Home Appliances Limited reserves the final decision in case of any negotiation.

Effective Date: 1 January, 2020.

BSH Home Appliances Limited


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